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Build custom Information Management solutions faster, speed time to market and reduce costs

of organizations will both consume and produce software by 2025[1]


See how to build new solutions smarter and faster
See how to build new solutions smarter and faster

IT leaders are increasingly dependent on their development teams to drive business resiliency through creative innovation. Yet, with fewer resources and less time, those development teams struggle to support new initiatives. Organizations need to adopt efficiencies in technology to free developers to focus on projects that help keep the business relevant and agile.

Build Your Own Solution cloud API services enable development teams to get the next generation of enterprise applications to market faster, address new use cases and keep solutions current without the need to rewrite code, manage updates or take on infrastructure debt.

Key benefits

Get started with a single information management service, deliver early value and expand capabilities as needed within a single platform.

  • Improve flexibility

    Build custom applications and solutions to address unique business problems in a way that works best for the organization and users.

  • Speed time to market

    Discover and bring new features and solutions to market faster with the capabilities needed to innovate.

  • Embed enterprise-grade information security

    Control who and how information is accessed to keep the focus on innovation and business impacts.

  • Reduce risk

    Deploy solutions in specific regions to reduce the risk of moving regional data outside its compliance zone.

  • Pay by consumption

    Gain full cost control and visibility with a highly granular dashboard to monitor spending.

Business impacts

  • Custom applications

    Businesses often require custom software application development to keep pace with evolving market demands. Developing from scratch is a time-consuming headache. Leverage Information Management capabilities to easily customize applications.

  • Product enhancements

    Organizations want to extend their system investments with new capabilities. Platform upgrades are not always feasible, making a full system replacement the only option. Embed Information Management services to add new capabilities to any solution.

  • Content in context

    Business users need access to the information relevant to their tasks. Having to switch between applications to find what they need is inefficient. Use cloud API services with API integration to ensure information flows with processes.

  • Information security

    Organizations need to balance information security with user productivity. Keeping up with rapidly evolving governance requirements slows work down. Create risk-aware connectors that automatically manage information shared with specific applications.

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