Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Ensure a quality digital twin for operations with a validated BIM handover

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Using accurate digital twins can deliver a 35% increase in maintenance and operation efficiency


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According to a McKinsey study, large construction projects typically take 20% longer to finish than scheduled.* Handover from EPCs to operators is one of the significant project delay sources. Subject matter experts cannot begin their reviews until all data is available, yet manual processes to check for missing information and assign issues to the correct roles are tedious, time-consuming and compromise project quality. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration solutions enable efficient, high-quality, validated data handover so operations can utilize a digital twin.

*McKinsey, Imagining construction’s digital future, 2016.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Accelerate operations

    Highlight relevant data and engage the ultimate recipients (operators) during construction with a simplified progressive handover. 

  • Speed up maintenance planning and execution

    Access BIM and 3D model content within enterprise asset management solutions to increase efficiency, production uptime and revenue.

  • Collaborate efficiently on BIM projects

    Streamline complex data and content assignment, capture, validation and review to keep projects on track.

  • Ensure a compliant BIM handover

    Adhere to BIM standards, such as ISO19650, ISO12006-2 and BuildingSmart IFC, to comply with government requirements.

Business impacts

  • BIM adoption

    Many countries require BIM, yet owners accustomed to traditional 2D formats lack the tools and expertise to understand and validate the massive, complex files their EPCs and suppliers provide. Enable efficient, high-quality BIM data file validation. 

  • Parallel work

    Huge BIM models cannot be split up, so each engineering team works on a separate, complete model copy. This leads to uncontrolled versions, confusion, wasted time and expensive rework. Enable teams to work on the same BIM model in parallel.

  • BIM handovers

    BIM size and complexity means issues like missing IoT connections or mislocated shut-off valves aren’t uncovered until handover to operations at project completion. Analyze BIM content and begin digital twin configuration during project construction.

  • Hybrid design and maintenance

    Operations and maintenance use 2D drawings and procedures to plan and execute their work. When that information is contained in multiple systems, it can take weeks to find the files. Integrate BIM models, files and data with ECM and EAM solutions.

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