Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing

Automate invoice processing and ensure international compliance

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See the OpenText™ compliant e-Invoicing solution in action
See the OpenText™ compliant e-Invoicing solution in action

Manufacturers operate at a global scale, navigating a complex web of regional trading and financial regulations. Increasing global disruption has forced a need for greater business agility and supply chain resilience. Manufacturers must be able to trade with suppliers quickly and effectively, driving a sharpened focus on digital transformation.

Compliant e-Invoicing for Global Manufacturing solutions reduce costs, human errors and resource strain through automation while maintaining compliance with government tax mandates.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Drive regulatory compliance

    Improve tax auditing efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance with archiving that supports auditor access and review of archived e-invoices.

  • Reduce costs and human errors

    Reduce invoice exceptions, rejections, penalties and costs at scale while creating opportunities for early payment discounts.

  • Improve cash flow

    Digitize and automate Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable processes to better manage and improve cash flows with customers and suppliers.

  • Combat invoice fraud and enhance security

    Eliminate paper invoices sent via mail, fax, or email to reduce interception, fake invoicing and theft risks.

Business impacts

  • Invoice processing automation

    Manufacturing companies want to compete globally. As more countries’ tax authorities mandate e-Invoicing, companies that still rely on paper-based invoice processing will be left behind. Modernize and automate invoice processes to stay competitive.

  • Business expansion

    Expanding into new markets increases invoice volumes. This puts strain on finite resources and risks errors, late payments and delays. Leverage scalable e-Invoicing to support evolving business needs.

  • Global compliance

    Every country has its own regulations. Manually keeping track and staying compliant with them all creates huge resource and cost burdens. Implement an e-Invoicing solution that meets mandates around the world.

  • Tax auditing

    Organizations need to be prepared for tax audits. The process is often exhausting, with finance departments devoting extensive time and resources gathering relevant information. Efficiently collect and upload audit evidence.

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