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Offload complex treasury integrations to improve cash visibility and optimize working capital

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of corporations are satisfied with the integration between their financial system(s) and their bank(s)


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Managing corporate treasury department priorities through manual processes has proven to be both costly and time consuming. Corporate treasury teams are often left struggling to integrate the cash position, interest rate, payables, receivables and foreign exchange rate data they need.

OpenText™ corporate treasury management solutions offer a comprehensive Corporate-to-Bank integration solution that allows companies to offload complex treasury integration requirements and ensure financial transactions flow seamlessly across systems.

Key benefits

Seamlessly conduct transactions across all banks for a single view into cash management.

  • Achieve complete visibility

    Seamlessly aggregate complex data for complete visibility into cash management and savings opportunities.

  • Improve straight-through processing

    Centralize bank connectivity to eliminate web portal downloads and manual intervention.

  • Optimize cash flow

    Reduce cash conversion cycles, automate cash application and implement electronic invoicing to optimize cash flow.

  • Reduce corporate treasury management complexities

    Simplify fee structures and eliminate redundant services with fewer banking relationships to manage.

  • Improve working capital management

    Improve flow and streamline payments and collections to contribute to working capital efficiency.

  • Enhance regulatory compliance

    Reduce manual reconciliation and data aggregation to improve audit compliance.

Business impacts

  • Integration flexibility

    Seamless banking requires complex integrations with multiple, disparate partner systems. Support varying integration scenarios, including direct host-to-host, SWIFT network integration, and a hybrid approach of direct and SWIFT, with treasury management services.

  • Message translation and transformation

    With file formats, protocols and security standards ranging from NACHA to BACS to SEPA and ISO20022, exchanging data with banks often means hours of in-house data translation. Automatically translate messages to meet each bank’s preferences.

  • Data aggregation, enrichment and validation

    Data shared with banks over separate channels must be individually compiled and aggregated. Leverage a solution that combines data from multiple sources, enriches it with identifying information and validates it against treasury management standards.

  • Client delivery services

    Corporate treasurers work with multiple bank partners with varying standards and processes. Reduce delivery related complexities with managed services for connectivity, protocol mediation, file transfer, messaging, data transformation and technical infrastructure operation.

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OpenText offers a range of strategic integration options for corporate treasury management.

Professional Services

OpenText Consulting Services combines end-to-end solution implementation with comprehensive technology services to help improve systems.

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