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Learn how to close cases faster, reduce case backlog and increase investigative capacity
Learn how to close cases faster, reduce case backlog and increase investigative capacity

Corporate and law enforcement investigators need to gather all data pertinent to their investigations, analyze it at the deepest forensic level and produce trusted reports. Digital forensic investigation tools can make the process more efficient, reliable and effective.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Broaden evidence collections

    Acquire evidence from a wide variety of sources and dig deep to highlight all potentially relevant information.

  • Build comprehensive reports

    Provide other investigators, attorneys, judges and senior executives with detailed evidence results to reach conclusions and close cases faster.

  • Improve endpoint visibility and productivity

    Remotely access devices and gain visibility into endpoints on or off the network, to enable discreet investigations and ensure employee productivity.

  • Customize workflows

    Optimize investigator workflows with predefined or customized conditions to improve investigation efficiency.

Business impacts

  • Efficient evidence assessment

    Investigators typically seize numerous devices that each contain multiple terabytes of potential evidence. Finding the relevant data takes time, slowing the productivity of law enforcement or business operations. Assess evidence faster.

  • Proactive threat handling

    Acting on potential threats after the fact is too late. Organizations need to get in front of potential vulnerabilities before bad actors are able to take advantage. Proactively identify and eliminate threats.

  • Gather a complete picture

    Bad actors can hide evidence in local machines, on the network or in the cloud. Locating all the pieces to tell the whole story of potential wrongdoing can be tedious. Draw accurate conclusions with the whole story.

  • Minimize impact on resources

    Law enforcement and corporate investigators are seeing a spike in digital crime. The growing volume of attacks means extra time, capital and human assets to collect, analyze and summarize crime evidence. Maximize resources to enhance public safety.

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