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Organizations must sort through large amounts of incoming mail. Traditional mailroom processes are slow and inefficient, dominated by paper documents. To move beyond simply opening and manually processing mail, organizations need an effective and cost-savvy approach to improve information flow.  

By moving to a digital mailroom, companies can reduce operational costs, streamline and accelerate business processes and deliver improved customer service. 

Key benefits

Speed business processes with digital mailroom solutions 

  • Speed processes

    Automate workflows that key digitized document images and metadata into ERP systems, PDFs or other formats to reduce manual processes and increase speed.

  • Process incoming documents

    Leverage scanning and capture technologies to process paper and electronic documents for immediate digital availability.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce operational costs and increase information flow efficiency within the organization, or even within a single department.

  • Enhance security

    Give employees access to mail at any time, prioritized by department or document type, with secure access customized at the user level.

Business impacts

  • Inefficient manual sorting

    Manually sorting the large amount of incoming daily mail is cumbersome and repetitive. It also wastes time that can be spent on more business-focused tasks. Automate sorting to save time and increase efficiency.

  • Customer onboarding

    Onboarding new customers is often manual, paper-intensive and complex. Inefficient processes increase onboarding time, leading to repetitive, long and frustrating customer experiences. Transform from manual to digital end-to-end processes.

  • Revenue management

    Processing invoices quickly is crucial. Upset customer calls, late payment penalties, damaged relationships and inaccurate payments can all lead to business strife. Streamline revenue management and gain access to early payment discounts.

  • Mortgage and lending

    Today’s economy provides low interest rates, resulting in budget and resource restraints. Financial organizations are under pressure to process more loans faster with fewer resources. Automate capture for a logical alternative to hiring more staff.

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