Electronic Invoicing

Meet global e-Invoicing mandates and compliance regulations with automated invoice processes

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Learn how OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance ensures compliant e-Invoicing management
Learn how OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance ensures compliant e-Invoicing management

Electronic invoicing is critical to reducing operational costs, gaining process efficiency and meeting compliance regulations. However, dealing with legacy systems, handling multiple invoice channels and adhering to country-specific legal requirements often overshadow the benefits.

OpenText™ electronic invoicing solutions provide end-to-end e-Invoice management that is automated, easily adopted and fully compliant with regulations around the world.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Maintain global compliance

    Meet post-audit and clearance e-Invoicing regulations in more than 48 countries.

  • Reduce processing costs

    Reduce errors, delays and penalties while taking advantage of early payment discounts through efficient e-Invoice processing.

  • Increase process automation

    Improve agility, speed and visibility with workflows that automatically identify data, initiate next steps and distribute information.

  • Simplify tax audits

    Provide easy access to all key VAT data for internal stakeholders and external auditors throughout mandatory retention periods.

Business impacts

  • Adhere to global compliance requirements

    For organizations dealing with invoicing in multiple regions, meeting ever-evolving global compliance regulations for each location seems impossible. Leverage an e-Invoicing solution that simplifies and automates adherence in more than 48 countries.

  • Achieve 100% digital invoicing

    Paper-based processing is costly and time intensive, whether dealing with a few or many invoices. Automatically digitizing invoices across channels can ease the process. Move to fully digital invoicing to save time and improve cashflow.

  • Integrate applications and platforms

    Invoicing processes involve touchpoints across and outside the business. Silos between internal applications and suppliers and customers create friction in invoice workflows. Improve e-Invoicing agility and visibility with integrated applications

  • Leverage an auditable digital invoice archive

    When an audit hits, relevant information must be located quickly, massively draining resources and productivity. Get the search, reporting and export functionality to minimize the impact of auditing requirements.

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