ERP Integration and Transformation

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Learn how OpenText eases SAP S/4HANA migration with modern integration
Learn how OpenText eases SAP S/4HANA migration with modern integration
As organizations modernize their ERP solutions, they often need to rethink the way ERP is integrated with other business applications and external systems. Changes in business processes, fragmentation of ERP capabilities across multiple applications and increased need for connecting external data all present new challenges.

By providing solutions for everything from preparing and planning for system migrations to optimizing day-to-day ERP integration operations, OpenText™ helps organizations overcome these challenges while lowering the cost and risk of ERP transformation projects.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

  • Reduce costs

    Leverage experts and modern tooling to significantly cut down the cost of ongoing ERP integration operations as well as broader ERP transformation initiatives.

  • Accelerate transformation projects

    Establish a detailed understanding of the information exchanged with trading partners and rapidly scale up integration resources to complete ERP migrations faster.

  • Reduce migration risks

    Accurately capture requirements and leverage real production data for new system testing to avoid business process disruption during ERP transformation projects.

  • Optimize business processes

    Use integration experts as an integral part of the ERP transformation team to identify optimal ways to enable and support supply chain and business process automation.

Business impacts

  • Business processes

    Manually processing orders, invoices and shipment notifications is time-consuming and prone to errors. Use flexible ERP integration capabilities to digitize and automate manual tasks, improving business process quality, efficiency and speed.

  • ERP transition planning

    Varying B2B/EDI standards, hidden data-quality issues and fragmented solution portfolios complicate ERP transitions. Speed ERP project planning and lower new system blueprinting costs by leveraging consolidated insights on existing integration needs.

  • ERP project risk management

    From lost data to unexpected errors and delays, ERP modernization projects can disrupt daily business operations. Mitigate risks with a detailed view of integration requirements, real-data testing strategy and integration resource availability.

  • Improving resource allocation and productivity

    Managing B2B and other complex integrations in-house pulls resources away from core business activities. Leverage a trusted partner for expert support during and after the transition project to allocate resources where they add the most value.

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