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growth in demand for computer forensic examiners is expected, creating more than 35,000 new jobs by 2028


Students attending a Forensics class.

Digital evidence now comprises the majority of evidence in law enforcement and corporate investigations. In response, universities worldwide are increasing their focus on cybersecurity programs but lack the resources to develop an appropriate curriculum.

Forensic Academic Program solutions leverage experienced professionals to help create and deliver content that develops computer forensic professional skills and knowledge.

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Access industry expertise

    Incorporate real-world views with curriculum content developed by experienced industry professionals.

  • Prepare students with practical experience

    Enhance learning environments with popular industry tools and workflows so students are more productive in their first digital forensic role.

  • Customize curriculums

    Connect professors with in-the-field investigative tools, training programs, course outlines, evidence files and guest lectures to tailor curriculums to their needs.

  • Attract new students

    Utilize industry expertise to offer a well-designed course that inspires future forensic professionals with minimal impact on institution resources.

Business impacts

  • Course development

    Universities need new content to create or enhance digital forensic curriculums. But with limited time and resources, instructors are unable to create relevant, enriching materials. Streamline creation and minimize resource drain.

  • Instructor training

    Instructors must provide graduates with real-world experience using the latest industry tools. However, their many responsibilities limit their time to stay abreast of current tools and workflows. Support instructors with added expertise and value.

  • Budget constraints

    Educational institutions invest time, money and staff creating or improving curriculums. Leveraging discounted or free elements helps relieve the financial burden of delivering a quality program. Minimize budget impact with value-added resources.

  • In-field experience

    Universities need to produce trained, digital forensic examiners to meet growing demand. Without in-field resources, instructors cannot access popular tools and workflows. Enable access to enrich curriculums.

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