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Man engaged in Operations tasks.

Operations teams have always been challenged to achieve optimal revenues while reducing costs. Today, they face additional pressure around health, energy and commodity price volatility that is driving up costs and forcing new hybrid/remote work practices.

OpenText™ solutions for Operations automate processes for greater operational agility, faster decisions and increased profits.

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Asset Navigation for Energy

Improve efficiency, safety and compliance with integrated access to asset information

Asset Track and Trace for Manufacturing

Optimize asset utilization, performance and effectiveness

Process Safety Management

Minimize risk and enhance compliance assurance

Safe-Workplace Playbook Management for Manufacturing

Maintain workplace compliance and keep workers safe with access to the most up-to-date safe-workplace playbook

Technical Service Management for Energy

Streamline technical service requests to improve asset uptime and operational compliance

Customer Inquiries and Complaints

Deliver faster, more effective resolutions to customer issues

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