Safe-Workplace Playbook Management

Maintain workplace compliance and keep workers safe with access to the most up-to-date safe-workplace playbook

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Today’s health and safety measures have expanded to address critical topics, such as cleaning and sanitation and health screening and testing. As expert recommendations, regulatory guidance and industry best practices mature, measures continue to evolve.

Responsible employers are turning to safe-workplace playbooks to document operating policies and procedures and promote company-wide safety. Whether creating an original playbook or utilizing industry sources, Safe-Workplace Playbook Management solutions manage content to drive accountability, communication and compliance.

Key benefits

Effectively manage and clearly communicate safe-workplace playbook procedures to maintain employee safety, production integrity and customer and supplier loyalty.

  • Keep employees safe

    Offer well-managed safe-workplace playbooks with current procedures to ensure workers’ health and safety, productivity and efficiency.

  • Build a resilient organization

    Continually develop and communicate processes to adapt and respond to evolving safe working requirements.

  • Avoid costly shutdowns

    Minimize the potential for employees to transmit illnesses leading to an operational shutdown with well documented and auditable procedures.

  • Drive operational excellence

    Easily create and implement operating procedures changes to continually improve manufacturing performance.

  • Stay up-to-date

    Easily update playbooks with the latest protocols in realtime and redistribute from a central source.

Safe-Workplace Playbook Management impacts

  • Playbook distribution

    Manufacturing workers are expected to comply with all playbook measures. Without a centralized system, workers cannot be sure they have the latest procedures. Manage and distribute the most up-to-date playbook from a central source.

  • Device access

    Many organizations rely on paper-based playbook copies. But when they are away from their workstations, workers may not have access to the playbook, increasing potential operation and safety risks. Securely distribute playbooks to user devices.

  • Requirement updates

    Safety guidance is constantly evolving to accommodate new recommendations. Manually updating multiple paper-based copies to stay current and inline with the latest guidance is inefficient and error-prone. Update protocols in real time.

  • Accountability

    Manufacturers must demonstrate regulatory compliance to avoid fines and shutdowns. Paper-based playbooks and manual processes make it hard to prove playbook procedures are being followed. Avoid shutdowns with auditable compliance.

  • External party compliance

    While the internal organization may be familiar with protocols, outside parties coming on premises are not. Without knowing the safety practices and procedures, visitors place themselves and others at risk. Extend support for onsite engagements.

  • Customer expectations

    World events have increased the pressure to maintain consistent operations for customer satisfaction. Manufacturers need access to reliable and efficient information to pivot and adapt. Stay healthy and keep operations running to meet expectations.

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