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of legal and compliance professionals still perform manual review to identify key documents in an investigation, including data privacy reviews


See how to drive down the cost of eDiscovery
See how to drive down the cost of eDiscovery

Data privacy regulations require holistic changes in how organizations collect, protect and process personal data. The risks of noncompliance include fines and reputational damage for vendors, controllers and processors that do not act as responsible data privacy stewards. Many legal and compliance professionals struggle to respond to subject rights requests (SRRs), including DSARs, within the mandated timelines, especially those that involve ad hoc and/or large, dispersed data volumes.

Subject Rights Request Reviews solutions reduce resource drain, response costs and process burdens. 

Key benefits

Impact business and achieve better results.

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  • Save time and costs

    Identify, cull and extract relevant personal data from large volumes of background data to meet requestor demands on-time and with minimal costs and eyes-on review.

  • Avoid noncompliance risk

    Comprehensively and defensibly collect everywhere personal data may be hidden, such as email, chat, CRM systems, HR applications and document collaboration platforms.

  • Quickly cull through and review large document volumes

  • Protect third-party data within SRR workflows

    Avoid infringing others’ rights while fulfilling SRRs with redaction tools that ensure third-party data is removed.

  • Deliver accurate data

    Accurately produce requestor-related single documents or document families with QC checks and configurable production capabilities.

  • Augment resources

    Leverage professional service expertise to securely manage and execute projects that tax internal resources.

Business impacts

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