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Decisions reimagined

Don’t kid around. Herd all your data with AI data analytics.

Get the right insights from the right data at the right time

Understand customer behavior, prevent disruptions, and stay secure and compliant with AI-powered business intelligence analytics


Gain real-time AI insights

Make smarter decisions, faster with AI data analytics. Analyze vast quantities of data to predict, act, and capture new opportunities with big data analytics tools.


Overcome data chaos

Overwhelmed by data volume and complexity? Let AI unlock the potential of all your data—structured and unstructured, at any volume, in any location—and turn it into actionable insights.


Fuel business intelligence

Better outcomes start with better inputs. Our enterprise analytics platform uses AI, machine learning, and predictive tools to help you optimize and monetize your data.


Conquer the data mountain

Use all your data for reporting and predictions without fear. Scale up with ease using big data analytics tools to handle petabytes of data without breaking the bank, and scale back when the analysis is over.

Analyze data at any scale with AI

Transform any volume of structured and unstructured data into a strategic asset that drives smarter, faster, forward-looking decisions

Activate AI data analytics and turn data into a strategic advantage

Is your legal team ready for the journey to Legal 3.0?

Don’t get snowed. Get better AI data analytics.

Use AI data analytics to make every decision data-driven, predict what’s next, and take action

Frequently asked questions

Advanced analytics is a blanket term covering all types of data analysis employed by businesses, such as data mining and machine learning. Predictive analytics is one type of advanced analytics. Advanced analytics and predictive analytics enable businesses to use the data they have to predict future outcomes.

OpenText™ Analytics Cloud combines advanced analytics, predictive analytics, and AI into an end-to-end analytics platform for organizations. This solution enables you to reduce costs, achieve real-time analytics, and make data-driven decisions based on strategic insights.

There are many benefits of predictive analytics. By analyzing vast quantities of historical data, predictive analytics is able to predict what might happen next—giving organizations the opportunity to prepare for disruption, meet new customer demands, gain a new competitive advantage, and more.

Organizations that are looking to stay sharp, grow, and move ahead need to find a way to tap into their data. An AI platform helps organizations make sense of their data, uncover the patterns and insights within it, and apply it to make better decisions.

The OpenText Analytics Cloud connects an organization’s data across data lakes, data warehouses, and every type of data silo to give you a seamless connection to your data. Then, it gives you the tools you need to analyze, optimize, and monetize that data—quickly and easily.