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Connections reimagined

Evolve your operations with supply chain intelligence

Tap into the world’s largest business network

With over 1 million connected trading partners, OpenText™ Business Network provides a scalable B2B integration solution that supports any size business


Connect people, processes, and things

Plug in every critical point in your supply chain to a digital backbone to mine deeper supply chain intelligence. Boost performance and growth with a global cloud integration infrastructure.


Take your time back

B2B integration helps fuel enterprise systems such as ERP with data to automate downstream processes. Improve B2B collaboration, future-proof IT investments, and drive business growth.


Engage internally and externally

Deliver information securely to business users and trading partners with an identity access driven approach to B2B collaboration. Build resilience in supply chain operations and react quickly to disruption.


Drive growth with faster decisions

Integrate, automate, and collaborate to gain actionable insights that optimize processes, speed trading partner onboarding, and simplify compliance. Position your business for growth now and into the future.

Enhance supply chain intelligence. We’ve got your back.

Free your data. Connect your teams. Secure a resilient future. See how OpenText can help you improve B2B collaboration and streamline operations with a future-proof digital backbone

Turn the devices you connect and the data you collect into action

Deploy autonomous supply chain operations without relinquishing control

Leverage scalable integration with EDI as a service

Connect any data source, exchange any information, and see everything clearly

Frequently asked questions

B2B integration refers to the process of digitally connecting the internal and external people, processes, and things in your extended business ecosystem to exchange information and streamline key business processes. It began as a way to electronically exchange business documents between suppliers and customers. Today, B2B integration solutions form the digital backbone of supply chains, and enables secure trading partner collaboration, supply chain automation, end-to-end visibility, and greater business resilience.

There are two types of B2B integration:

  • Data-level integration: This is the process of digitizing and automating document exchange between trading partners to allow for seamless information flow between systems, regardless of technology, compliance, or partner requirements.
  • People-level integration: This improves B2B collaboration and communication between trading partners. This type of integration aims to accelerate supply chain operations and break down barriers to collaboration such as partner onboarding and community management.


OpenText is a recognized world leader in B2B integration. Over 1 million trading partners rely on our B2B integration platform to quickly and securely exchange business documents.

Supply chain intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a supply chain. Supply chain digitization automates manual paper-based processes. Once you have the data digitized you can apply AI and machine learning to derive the insights that fuel supply chain intelligence.

Supply chain digital transformation involves integrating these technologies to gather and process information about every part of the supply chain. This data can help with supply chain optimization by predicting demand, managing inventory, optimizing transportation, and identifying potential problems before they happen. Supply chain orchestration ensures that all parts of the supply chain work together seamlessly. By having a clear and comprehensive view of the supply chain, companies can make better decisions, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Essentially, supply chain intelligence transforms raw data into actionable insights, helping businesses run more smoothly and efficiently in a competitive market.

OpenText has the largest business network in the world with over 1 million connected partners. We can help you connect all the people, processes, and things to give you insights into your supply chain when you need them.

Supply chain integration and supply chain collaboration are both important. Supply chain integration involves connecting all parts of the supply chain into a unified system, often through supply chain digitization. This creates a digital supply chain using advanced technologies, facilitating supply chain digital transformation. Integration helps optimize production, transportation, and inventory management for better supply chain orchestration.

On the other hand, supply chain collaboration focuses on different companies and partners working together to achieve common goals. This involves sharing information, resources, and planning jointly to improve overall efficiency. Collaboration can happen through meetings, shared databases, or digital platforms.

Integration is about creating a seamless system within a single company, while collaboration is about different companies working together effectively. Both are crucial for a successful and efficient supply chain.

OpenText software allows organizations to integrate their supply chains no matter what format trading partners use for their communication.