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Information reimagined

Get the knowledge, insight, and confidence that can only come from being information driven with superior data management

Information is your organization’s most valuable asset—manage it accordingly


Cover the basics, achieve extraordinary results

Organize, govern, and manage large data sets so you can leverage cloud data management to extract insight and boost productivity. Transform day-to-day business workflows with effective enterprise data management to stay competitive and drive growth.


Automate workflows, spur innovation

Free your knowledge workers to focus on the big picture by handing off routine business workflows to machines. Cloud data management with automation helps you speed processes while reducing errors to stay one step ahead.


AI and data protection built in

Reap the benefits of compliance, data protection, governance, and GenAI throughout your entire business. Get the best of both worlds with performance and stability through AI data management solutions.


Minimize risk, maximize growth

Reduce your organization’s risk profile with a simplified, holistic approach to data security and information management. Protect your people, data, and infrastructure so you can grow your business with confidence.

See how information reimagined is helping organizations elevate human potential

What can you achieve with information management?

Reimagine information to redefine your business and reframe your goals

Knowledge reimagined

Drive productivity through the power of AI

Connections reimagined

Fuel your operations with supply chain intelligence

Conversations reimagined

Turn post-purchase experiences into a growth powerhouse

Engineering reimagined

Achieve the impossible with AI-powered DevOps

Security reimagined

Gain the advantage over evolving cyberthreats

CloudOps reimagined

Let the machines do the work

Decisions reimagined

Unlock insights with AI data analytics

Frequently asked questions

Information management is the process of collecting, storing, and using information efficiently and securely. It involves organizing data to help businesses make better decisions and improve workflows. This can include techniques like cloud data management and enterprise data management.

OpenText is the number 1 provider of enterprise information management software. With cloud-based platforms, we work to connect your data so you can secure it, use it to automate business workflows, and trust it to innovate using GenAI.

Moving to the cloud offers several advantages, such as enhancing information management and improving enterprise data management. It also supports AI data management, making business workflows more efficient and scalable, and reduces costs by eliminating the need for physical servers.

OpenText has on-cloud and off-cloud solutions for enterprise data management, including GenAI solutions to elevate the potential of your workforce.

To gain insights from AI for your business, you need to connect information across your enterprise for analysis of large data sets. Our AI-powered tools help identify patterns and trends, improving decision-making and business workflows. Integrating AI with cloud data management can make this process more efficient and accessible.

OpenText has introduced AI for business by integrating our Aviator technology into many of our existing software and solutions that address many use cases. You can elevate your knowledge workers to truly innovate by giving them access and insights to your most important asset—your data.