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Conversations reimagined

Bring the Woohoo!™ Take customer success beyond acquisition

Keys to customer success

Understand the importance of a customer success strategy with customer journey mapping from acquisition through post-sale and beyond

Forrester report

Customer success: Acquisition is just the beginning

Position paper

Four imperatives to optimize post-sale customer success


Beyond the sale: 7 reasons the real customer journey starts after purchase

Ensure better business outcomes by any measure

Take advantage of every touchpoint along the customer journey to drive engagement, retention, and growth


Enjoy measurable success

Consistently reach or exceed goals such as NPS, CSAT, customer lifetime value, average revenue per customer, and retention. Show the impact and ROI of customer success on revenue and growth.


Optimize experiences for all

Deliver premium customer service as a powerful competitive differentiator. Prioritize a total experience approach to remove digital friction and optimize experiences for both customers and employees.


Build a trusted brand

Ensure customer relationships and experiences are a delight at every journey stage. Give customers, employees, and partners the same opportunity to access information regardless of ability.


Supercharge productivity

Use AI and GenAI to supercharge productivity of customer experience, communications, marketing, creative, and customer success teams. Let CX data and insights inform customer journeys and deliver value.

Customer success in action

See how reducing friction in the customer journey boosts engagement as part of a successful total experience strategy

Through our work with OpenText, we’ve achieved our goal of combining a slick digital channel with personalized, employee-led customer service. From the moment a customer engages with us through any of our channels, they are kept in the loop on every step of the order cycle.

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Since we went live with the new experience, we’ve increased digital engagement by 10%, which shows that the new content is resonating with our audiences.

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With the Exstream platform we can make changes in a very efficient way. We don’t have to completely redesign the communication.

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Learn how OpenText can help with your customer success strategy

Web Experiences

Achieve breakthrough engagement with one simple, powerful solution


Create, manage, and deliver personalized, relevant communications across all touchpoints

Rich Media Assets

Engage customers, build brands, and reduce costs with a simple, secure digital asset management leader

Journey Personalization

Build personalized communications and digital experiences to better engage customers