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Security reimagined

Shred application vulnerabilities with AI-powered code security

Elevate precision, speed, and scale for developer-first code security

Quickly find and fix security defects with unparalleled accuracy and auto remediation, courtesy of AI application security

Gartner report

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing


The State of Code Security Report

Customer Story

Moving to hybrid cloud infrastructure for more flexibility and scalability

Amplify code security with AI

Gain accurate insights, scale security, and simplify the developer experience with integrated DevSecOps


Scale AppSec with automation

Say goodbye to cumbersome AppSec scaling. Using automation, you can scale from one to hundreds—or even thousands—of apps with a partner and ecosystem you can trust.


Easily integrate AppSec

Our solutions integrate AppSec right into your current development toolchain, delivering top-quality findings and auto remediation advice at every stage. Achieve secure code at speed—without any trade-offs.

Public sector

Get easy, cost-effective testing

Discover strong, budget-friendly code security that’s easy to use. Our AI application security solutions are perfect for educational organizations and federal, state, and local agencies.

Generative AI

Harness AI-powered AppSec

Securely integrate generative AI in your software and maintain supply chain security. Leverage static application security testing for AI libraries and address the OWASP LLM Top 10 vulnerabilities.

Code security customer success

Find out how these organizations use AI application security solutions

Using Fortify as part of our CI/CD pipeline has resulted in a marked reduction in vulnerabilities.


Leveraging Fortify, we now have a stable application landscape, with effective vulnerability management processes.

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Fortify allows us to analyze a greater volume of code in a much more agile and rapid way.

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Application Security

Seamlessly integrate application security into any tool, anywhere in the SDLC

OpenText™ Fortify™ On Demand

Unlock security testing, vulnerability management, and tailored expertise and support