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CloudOps reimagined

Enter the GOAT era of ITOps with autonomous cloud operations

Drive toward an automated approach to IT Operations

It’s time for ITOps to leave the past behind and use AI, automation, and cloud flexibility to move faster without compromising reliability


Speed issue resolution with GenAI

AI won’t replace jobs—it will enhance them. Let IT Operations Aviator, a private GenAI virtual agent, make quick work of simple requests and service issues so your team can focus on bigger problems.


See what’s hiding in your environment

Don’t be haunted by unknown unknowns. See the relationships between applications and IT infrastructure across clouds and data centers with OpenText™ Universal Discovery.


Boost IT’s reputation

Hit your service-level targets. Consolidate cloud information with rapid observability, identify root cause with AIOps, and quickly restore services with automation.


Reduce IT’s carbon footprint

New sustainability targets? No problem. Gather rich insights, savings recommendations, self-service guardrails, and GreenOps reporting.

Solve unsolvable ITOps problems

Get past the challenges that have typically gotten in the way of IT Operations relevancy as business moves forward

Enter the era of clarity with OpenTelemetry

Upgrade to smarter, simpler service management

Ready to usher in a whole new era of ITOps?

Put CloudOps on autopilot with fully connected automation powered by world-class discovery and GenAI

Frequently asked questions

Generative artificial intelligence, or GenAI, can be employed to answer common IT service questions and simplify troubleshooting—allowing users to self-resolve issues and freeing up IT staff to focus on more critical work.

OpenText IT Operations Aviator is a secure, private GenAI virtual agent that speeds up service and issue resolution using a private large language model (LLM) and Retrieval Augmented Generation architecture.

Autonomous cloud operations refers to an IT operations management approach that harnesses AI, automation, and cloud flexibility to inform all IT processes and satisfy business demands.

Only OpenText can provide organizations with the complete lineup of fully connected automation solutions required for autonomous cloud operations.

Observability is how IT teams see what’s happening across all their systems by collecting MELT—metrics, events, logs, and telemetry.

OpenText observability solutions strengthen visibility across cloud and off-cloud domains, speeding problem isolation and recovery to keep business flowing. Learn more about observability.