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Engineering reimagined

Agile development and software delivery? It only seems impossible.

Finish first with fast, flawless software delivery

Achieve top speed, stability, security, and scalability in application delivery with automation and AI-powered cloud DevOps


Accelerate software delivery

The future is fast. Stay in the race with AI, automation, performance engineering, and effective resource management to ensure high-quality applications with on time software delivery.


More throttle, less wobble

Speed doesn’t hurt—stopping does. Align business strategy with release objectives, manage complexity and streamline operations for coordinated and efficient software delivery.


Keep your data protected

Don’t get blindsided. Pinpoint security risks throughout your software development lifecycle with advanced DevSecOps best practices, access controls, encryption, regular audits, and intrusion detection.


Solutions made just for you

Growth is the goal, so choose what grows with you. Effortlessly scale applications to seamlessly adapt to growing user loads and traffic spikes, without sacrificing quality or uptime.

Solve unsolvable DevOps problems

From planning to deployment, achieve greater agility, efficiency, and performance in your software development

Future-proof with cloud DevOps

DevOps and Business, Better Together

Maximize business value, get to market faster, increase productivity, and identify risks early with cloud DevOps

Frequently asked questions

Software delivery refers to the process of making software applications available to users through various means, ensuring optimal performance, function and quality.

OpenText DevOps Cloud enhances this process by providing advanced management tools that streamline deployment and improve user access across platforms.

Performance engineering is proactive, continuous, and end-to-end application performance testing and monitoring. It facilitates seamless collaboration between teams, tools, and processes through continuous feedback loops.

By leveraging right-sized tools for developers to performance engineers, performance engineering enables shift-left performance testing and shift-right application performance monitoring.

Adding AI and automation to agile development enhances efficiency, accuracy, and speed. It enables teams to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast amounts of data quickly, and gain insights that inform decision-making and improve overall software quality.

OpenText integrates AI-powered automation and intelligent assistance tools to streamline testing workflows, reduce manual effort, and improve the quality and reliability of software releases.