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Baaad with daaataa? Activate AI and predictive analytics

Explore the value of cloud analytics and enterprise data warehouses

What do you need to quickly unlock AI’s value, and how can you overcome common data challenges? Check out these resources

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Expect fast AI value? Get your data in order first

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ETL vs. ELT: The Ultimate Guide for Cloud Innovators

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See first-hand how you can activate your AI

Turn your enterprise data warehouse into a business intelligence factory

Gain insights, predict outcomes, and boost productivity using data warehouse solutions and AI and predictive analytics


Understand your customer data

Turn your data into actionable insights at any scale and speed. Use advanced AI and predictive analytics to understand customers behaviors, identify points of friction, and determine next best actions.


Stay proactive, not reactive

Minimize the risk associated with large-scale operations. Analyze vast amounts of data in real time to predict unplanned downtime, supply chain disruptions, unexpected costs, data loss, and even fraud.


Do more, smarter and faster

Let machines do the work. Cut down on manual processes with AI and predictive analytics, allowing your teams to quickly find answers and redirect their focus to innovation and strategic tasks.


Meet all data regulations

Stay ahead of evolving regulations and standards. Easily manage regulated information and facilitate comprehensive discovery and investigation processes with cloud data warehouse solutions.

Activating enterprise data, one customer at a time

See how other organizations are using cloud data warehouse solutions to activate their AI

When we compare Vertica to other alternatives, we consistently find that Vertica does more with less.

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With Vertica as the compute engine at the heart of our data, we can now offer a fully scalable analytics offering with higher user concurrency and performance.

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Vertica’s modularity has given us strong scalability and reduced operating costs. We recorded an ROI of 351 percent.

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Convert your data into a strategic asset with our AI and analytics products

Analytics Database

Gain strategic insights from any data, any scale, anywhere

OpenText™ Vertica™ Data Platform

Unlock robust analytics on massive data while minimizing compute and storage requirements

OpenText™ Magellan™ BI and Reporting

Embed scalable, self-service, SaaS BI into any application

OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining

Make sense of content, millions of pages at a time