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Connections reimagined

Unlock the power of greater visibility with IoT asset management

Turn the AI and IoT devices you connect and the data you collect into action

Put traceability data to work. Securely connect people, systems, and things with identity-based, AI-enabled IoT orchestration


The AI, IoT, and Traceability Roadmap


OpenText World 2024: Aviator IoT Demo


Enabling the autonomous supply chain with IoT, AI, and Blockchain

Boost operations with AI and IoT

Stay on course and ahead of disruption. Use IoT data to predict, plan, and act

Explore how OpenText™ Aviator IoT integrates solutions across your business to spotlight efficiencies and deliver a holistic view of your operations


Track your assets from floor to store

Monitor shipments, products, and assets with IoT asset management so nothing is lost, stolen, or diverted. Eliminate counterfeits and assure customers on the ‘last mile’ of delivery with AI and IoT-driven track-and-trace.


Gain a sense of relief and control

Manage your supply chain with precision. Leverage real-time data and IoT asset management to track product status, quickly resolve slowdowns and inefficiencies, and maximize productivity.


Find your blind spots—and efficiencies

100% connected operations allows you to be more productive and resilient. Use AI and IoT data to quickly root out process inefficiencies and reduce waste. Link historical data to predict, identify and avoid disruption.


See the whole picture in real time

Integrate siloed systems for an unprecedented real-time view of your entire business. Get end-to-end visibility of shipments, track products and supplies, and identify slowdowns using connected devices.

See the power of visibility in action

Learn how OpenText helps organizations reduce costs, drive efficiencies and tackle disruption

Although OpenText didn’t have the exact capability we needed, we were struck by their willingness to work with us to develop a solution that would have a much closer fit to our requirements.

With OpenText, we can onboard international vendors in as little as five working days—it’s never been faster or easier for Lids.

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The global footprint of OpenText is very important to us as we need to ultimately be able to connect to a customer anywhere in the world.

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Power your autonomous supply chain with AI and IoT products

OpenText Aviator IoT

Securely track assets and shipments with an identity-driven IoT platform powered by AI

OpenText™ Trading Grid™

Connect once, reach anything. Seamlessly integrate people, systems and things

OpenText Active Risk Monitor

Enhance supplier risk management with consolidated sustainability and financial risk insights

OpenText Business Network Aviator

Smarter connections for better insights