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Security reimagined

Don’t take the enterprise cybersecurity journey alone

Provide risk mitigation for modern enterprises

Stay ahead of threats with comprehensive, proactive security—from ransomware protection to AI-powered code security


Make informed decisions

Protect identities, data, and applications with automated security posture management. Integrated AI and analytics help you detect anomalous behavior, identify gaps, and adapt your security controls.

AI Adoption

Protect your attack surfaces

Discover, classify, govern, protect, and store sensitive data with secure information management. Trust your data to be AI-ready while adhering to privacy laws and regulatory requirements.

Cyber Resilience

Practice multilayered security

Ransomware protection and threat protection aren’t enough on their own. Fast disaster recovery is a must for strong cyber resilience and business continuity.


Get proactive security

Ditch the disconnected, one-off tools overwhelming your security teams. Manage enterprise cybersecurity and data governance from a single vendor.

Secure it all—from data to development

Tap into integrated security and governance to strengthen your application security, data trust, and threat intelligence

Secure your code at the speed of AI

Achieve data and identity trust in the era of AI

Detect threats faster

Reduce risk, preserve trust, minimize disruption, and be resilient with comprehensive enterprise cybersecurity

Frequently asked questions

Use OpenText Cybersecurity solutions to discover, classify, govern access, protect, and store sensitive data. Then your data will be ready for AI while adhering to privacy laws and regulatory requirements.

Security posture management involves assessing, monitoring, and improving the security status of an organization’s cybersecurity environment, which includes identities, data, and applications. It ensures that security policies and measures are effectively implemented to protect against threats.

OpenText offers adaptive capabilities that enable automated responses based on identity, data sensitivity, behavior, and risk. These capabilities ensure that the right type of enforcement or notification is triggered automatically, allowing organizations to swiftly respond to threats. OpenText™ ArcSight™ behavioral analytics, coupled with OpenText™ NetIQ™ adaptive authentication and access controls, provide a dynamic defense against breaches.