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CloudOps reimagined

Problem? No problem. The GOAT era of observability has arrived.

What to know about observability

What is observability, why do you need it, and how can you put it to work for your organization?

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How to transition your IT admins to site reliability engineering


5 clear signs you need observability


Enable clarity within cloud complexity

Watch the observability video

Watch application velocity accelerate

Make the move to site reliability engineering (SRE) to stay ahead of business demands for revenue-generating application updates and features with simple, cost-effective OpenTelemetry


See everything, everywhere

Don’t limit your observability. See clearly across your entire infrastructure. Monitor on-premises, SaaS, and cloud data (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) in a single platform.


Eliminate guesswork

Simplify instrumentation with OpenTelemetry. Make smarter, faster fixes with AI-powered insights and automatic issue routing. Correlate metrics, traces, and logs to pinpoint root causes quickly.


Speed issue resolution

Lean on guided workflows, root-cause insights, and OpenTelemetry for faster fixes. Speed troubleshooting with real-time application service views. Easily pinpoint anomalies with AI-driven analysis.

Cost control

Avoid the hefty costs

Extend your reach across more applications using a cost-effective observability tool with predictable pricing. Start enjoying productivity-boosting insights without budget surprises.

They see more, know more, do more. You can too.

Learn how leading organizations have strengthened their observability at an affordable price

By automating our monitoring, we are freeing up our engineers for actual development and service enhancement.

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Creating trackable and ready-to-interpret data is the basis of our improved AI-enabled operations.

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Our operators have clear visibility of high priority items and can focus their efforts accordingly.

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Explore our observability products

OpenText Application Observability

Unlock affordable observability with OpenTelemetry insights

OpenText Infrastructure Observability

End-to-end observability and monitoring of your cloud-native infrastructure and applications