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Knowledge reimagined

Unleash the power of AI and analytics to become the digital banking GOAT

Take business operations management in banking to the next level

Generative AI helps banks reimagine their data—almost 80% of which is unstructured*—to deliver consistent, trustworthy customer experiences

AI in banking guide

Amplifying AI for banking

Gartner® report

Automation Use Cases to Improve Loan Origination and Lending Processes


How to streamline customer engagement

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*, How does unstructured data extraction impact the banking sector? 2023

Your customers are trusting you with their financial future—are you ready?

Operational excellence keeps bank employees in the know and in the flow as they help customers navigate financial processes

Customer insight

Understand customers better

Better customer service starts with a better understanding of the customer. AI-powered banking tools provide access to all relevant customer data, driving insights and allowing employees to better anticipate customer needs.


Make better lending decisions

Underwriters need reliable information to properly assess risk. GenAI pulls and summarizes credit score and loan application details, allowing them to make faster, better-informed lending decisions.


Break down data silos

Increasingly diverse banking portfolios mean customer data is scattered across the organization. Boost business operations management by integrating content management with systems like CRMs.


Confidently meet evolving regulations

Regulatory frameworks for financial institutions are constantly changing. GenAI quickly extracts relevant insights to help banks interpret complex legal language and understand their obligations.

Investing in GenAI pays dividends: Digital banking success stories

Learn how leading financial services companies achieved operational excellence through digital transformation in banking

Thanks to our work with MGS and OpenText, we are building high-quality services that help enhance our reputation and set ourselves apart from the competition.

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This will help to improve customer satisfaction and provide enhanced convenience to customers who are increasingly requesting self-service insurance transactions.


One of the many ways OpenText helps us meet our compliance standards is through email monitoring, ensuring that a full, auditable record of communications is captured and recorded.

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Unlock operational excellence: Products driving digital banking success

OpenText Extended ECM

Bridge information silos, improve processes, and strengthen governance

OpenText Content Aviator

Transform productivity with AI content management and an intelligent AI content assistant

OpenText Intelligent Capture

Reduce costs and accelerate business with intelligent document processing and automation

OpenText AppWorks

Automate and optimize business processes with a low-code app development platform

OpenText InfoArchive

Optimize infrastructure and ensure compliance with a modern archiving solution