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Bring the Woohoo!™ Be the customer experiences GOAT

Better customer experiences, better outcomes

Drive engagement, retention, and growth with omnichannel experiences and customer communications that matter


Meet tomorrow’s expectations today

Meet your customers’ expectations for personalization and self-service. Stay one step ahead with advanced analytics to gain deep insights into customer habits. Automate to boost efficiency and reduce errors.


Master customer experience management

Let customers know they’re valued with omnichannel experiences—in person, on the phone, in email, or via text—that are timely, consistent, accessible, and personalized. They’ll love you for it!


Ready, set…respond!

Foster confidence, trust, and long-term loyalty by preparing for product recalls, emergencies, and service downtimes—and quickly notifying customers, partners, and employees by text, call, web, or email.


Arm your employees for success

Happy employees = happy customers. Give your contact center agents the tools they need to create positive customer experiences. Simplify content creation with GenAI to speed creativity and productivity.

3 ways to deliver better customer experiences

Discover how improving customer experience management leads to better business outcomes

Customer success beyond acquisition

Modernize your fax solutions

Execute a total experience strategy

Deliver personalized customer journeys using data-driven insights and empower employees with best-in-class customer experience management solutions

Frequently asked questions

Total experience is a strategy that addresses employee and customer experiences holistically. When employees are engaged and motivated, they want to do their best work for customers. There is no doubt that a key contributor to CX is a positive EX.

An OpenText total experience strategy brings all departments together with customers in a shared digital experience, creating loyalty and growth through relevant, highly personalized communications.

Customer experience (CX) encompasses the interactions and holistic perceptions customers have while engaging with a company’s products, services, and brand.

Customer success is a discipline that focuses on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes through product adoption or successful service utilization.

Both disciplines are crucial to managing customer relationships by focusing on different elements of the customer journey. They are complementary but differ in scope, objectives and approach. Customer experience is broader, while customer success is more focused on the specific use and outcomes of a product or service. CX aims to create a positive overall impression and emotional connection, while CS aims to ensure practical success and value realization. Both functions need to work together to ensure a holistic approach to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

OpenText offers a range of technologies and solutions that leverage customer data, AI, and automation to help gather, report, and respond to customer interactions.

Customer success is crucial because it aligns your organization with your customers, propelling business growth by taking a thoughtful, proactive, and strategic approach with customers to grow your portfolio over time (i.e., drive maximum customer lifetime value).

Customer success is crucial against a backdrop of inflation, budget constraints, and challenging economic conditions because it’s cheaper to retain and grow your existing base as acquisition costs rise. Organizations are seeing positive outcomes repositioning customer success from a cost to a profit center.

OpenText Experience Cloud can help you cultivate meaningful customer relationships by delivering value-rich post-sale experiences.