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Learn how the Information Advantage makes decision-making feel possible again
Learn how the Information Advantage makes decision-making feel possible again

Information is complex and more distributed than ever. Scattered throughout organizations, information on its own is not the answer. The answer comes when you break down the silos and integrate information with processes to make decisions faster.

When you continuously apply information management to bring all your information together, patterns and trends emerge. Insights are gleaned and better decisions are made. That is the information advantage.

How can you unlock the information advantage?

Learn how to unleash the power of information from this guide to the information advantage.

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Today’s enterprises face massive waves of disruption, including a distributed workforce, cybersecurity threats, changing customer expectations and global regulatory shifts, creating a need for new digital transformation strategies.

Modern work needs to be frictionless, automated, distributed, sustainable and inclusive for business transformation. Information management connects employees with customers and leverages technology to power and protect daily processes.

Elevate every person and every organization

OPEN creativity to change the world

Protecting people, the environment and society will effect change for years to come. Shape the future with technology that positively impacts the world.

Be a Climate Innovator

OPEN trust in an untrusted world

To drive decisions, data must be accessible and absolute. Multi-layered security and data protection strengthens cyber resilience to create a safer environment for collaboration without worry or risk.

Be resilient

OPEN employees’ state of mind

When information flows quickly and easily, employees are empowered with knowledge. Intelligent automation and integration reduce friction and simplify complex, mundane processes so employees can achieve their highest level of work.

Be frictionless

Harness the power of information

  • Master modern work

    Keep up with the accelerated pace of change with a digital transformation strategy that enables the future of work.

  • Digitize supply chains

    Add agility and flexibility for an adaptable supply chain and a more resilient business.

  • Create communication-centric experiences

    Improve customer and employee confidence, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy with complete, connected digital experiences.

  • Build a resilient and safer world

    Understand and overcome today’s cybersecurity and digital investigation challenges.

  • Unleash developer creativity

    Build powerful new applications and extend functionalities to enrich solutions with the features you need.

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Beverage distributor improves communication and sales controls with better integration.

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Cosmetics company maximizes the impact of customer communications by optimizing document content.

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NHL hockey team amps up video production by better managing media.

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Energy company streamlines contract negotiations to win more business.

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Learn how the information advantage helps companies gain a competitive edge. Move toward a future where advantage is fueled by information by staying current on trends and solutions.

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